Oracle Accelerator

Pre-provisioned solution for High-Tech industry based on E-Business Suite R12 Business Accelerator.

In 2011 our company has successfully finalized the preparation process for pre-provisioned solution for High-Tech industry based on E-Business Suite R12 Business Accelerator. Fideltronik Accelerator is an Oracle-certified solution.

A client receives a system that is pre-provisioned for High –Tech industry, built upon experiences of other companies from your manufacturing sector. Such solution saves time on determining your own requirements. 

The additional asset is lack of software customization, enabling installation of Oracle’s updates and fixes. This is a key attribute of the system providing latest software updates offered by manufacturer.  It is worth emphasizing that this quality is often neglected in pre-provisioned solutions, while it may appear a key to success in consecutive application life-cycles.

Great potential of the solution is backed up with the carried out implementations of Oracle eBusiness Suite by means of pre-provisioned Accelerator, all of which turned out to be successful.

Clent’s benefits:

  • Extremely short implementation time (3 moths at the most)
  • Minimal implementation risk
  • Flexibility and scalability (the system is based on a platform that enables constant improvement)
  • Lack of customisation (a possibility of  applying software updates)
  • A set of indispensable functionalities for companies running in Poland

Pre-provisioned application for High-Tech industry based on Oracle Accelerate for eBs 12.1 supports business activity in various areas, such as:

  • Finance
  • Discrete production
  • Warehouse
  • Purchasing
  • Sales
  • Human resources and payroll

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