Material Management

 Being a Customer Centric Enterprise, to fully satisfy our customers’ needs we have to  provide a complete supply chain including component management for manufacturing, to be able to deliver our products on time with highest quality and competitive price. To manage material we use Advanced Supply Chain Planning module in Oracle e-Business Suite.

As exceptional flexibility is one of our biggest advantages we always try to fulfill any customer order, by putting as much effort as needed. We can adapt to large demand fluctuation and still realize orders even with very short lead time. We try to utilize customer forecasts as much as possible to secure adequate stocks and to be able to produce everything on time. Alternatively, we can work in a way that customer provides us with some or all of components for manufacturing.

Fideltronik Component Management is a completely new way of working allowing us to be as much flexible as possible without significant effect on cost effectiveness. Due to integration of Oracle Product Lifecycle Management module and Fideltronik Planning Categorization of components we highly optimize our inventories by:

-          Nomination of Critical and Strategic components to be managed manually

-          Fully automated purchasing and definition of planning parameters (safety stocks, safety Lead times etc.) for regular components

-          Dedicated rules and procedures for every lifecycle phase of product

-          Monitoring and reduction of excess and obsolete stock

Fideltronik can provide end to end services related to components – our customers are not involved in the whole process:

-          Forecasting to material suppliers

-          Different methods of purchasing - MRP, min max, kanban, consignment stock, replenishment, alternative (brokers etc.)

-          Extended inbound inspection (RoHS, REACH, X-ray test)

-          Storage of sensitive components (vacuum packing, humidity control, air conditioning, expiration date control)

-          Forward logistics

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