Fideltronik offers complete solution of electronics and mechanical assembly (box building). We deliver some of the most complex and advanced electronic solutions in the world, providing wide spectrum of electronic products with the main focus of: industrial, lighting, automotive and consumer with the full range from high-mix/low-volume assemblies up to high volume manufacturing.

With over 20 000 of square meters of manufacturing capacity, 3 manufacturing locations and 1500 employees we provide our customers highest flexibility that adjusts to fluctuations in volume demands, cost targets, delivery requirements, regarding shipments and delivery dates etc. Our manufacturing facilities are fully supported by engineering resources, enabling a fast ramp from prototype to volume production.

Manufacturing process is fully managed according to  Lean Manufacturing Methodology.

We also offer full engineering and logistics support with the complete transfers of production from anywhere to our facilities.

Additionally to the productions Fideltronik also offers logistics, after sales services, assuming responsibility for quality, cost-effectiveness and reliable delivery to the end customer.

Before starting any production, we meet our clients to review in details their products, functionality and quality requirements. If required we are able to redesign the products to make them more efficient, improve productivity and reduce costs.


Competence areas

SMT Assembly

SMT lines (actually 18 lines) with modern assembly equipment capable for glue and solder paste assembly of 0201 chips /0.4mm / BGA parts.

PTH Assembly

Automatic axial, radial, jumper-wire insertion machines (totally 20 machines) allows to assemble through hole components in efficient way and minimize manual assembly. Automated pin insertion machines for demanding applications like telecom systems back-planes etc.

AOI Testing

Number of AOI testers based on AGILENT SJ50  and PHOTODYNAMICS VISION 8000 allows to monitor production process quality. On-line connection to database allows to trace test results and monitor process yields.

Manual Assembly & Wave Soldering

Number of manual assembly lines and wave soldering machines. No-clean process with environmental friendly soldering fluxes (VOC-free) with nitrogen support. Experience in soldering of high-thermal (4oz) boards. Lead an Lead-free soldering support.

Selective Soldering

Number of selective soldering machines. Lead an Lead-free soldering support.

Manual Soldering

Number of manual soldering station. Lead an Lead-free soldering support.

ICT Testing

Number of ICT testers based on HP3070, Innovate 9200, SPEA systems. On-line connection to database allows to trace test results and monitor process yields. Fixtures and test scripts developed by own test department or transferred from Customers.

Box build & Mechanical assembly

Dedicated final assembly cells with special tools and jig to enable mistake-proof assembly process and efficient material flow.

FCT & Burn-in Testing

Functional and burn-in testing of final products. On-line connection to database allows to trace test results and monitor process yields.

Potting & Encapsulation

Experienced in potting and encapsulation with various polyurethane casting systems. Dynamic and static mixing machines and optional vacuum chamber in place to enable high quality potting & encapsulation process.


7 varnishing lines give us possibility to make coating of varnish according to customer requirements.


We have X-ray tester on place. We can on-line check quality of solder joints specific components ( BGA, LED)

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