Incompleted - Fideltronik Ushba trial 2016

Stretch, lift, weight.
Sneak, smile, trade.
Step, launch, warm,
Fasten belt.
Pack, squeeze, bend,
Gather strength.
Keep the pace,
Never haste.
Waterfalls, cracks, icefall,
Thinny bridge,
Gloomy ridge.
Rest on height,
Tent’s on fly.
Hardly slept,
Zero rest.
Get up now,
Look the clouds,
Shoot the axe,
Touch the ice.
Step, lift, step,
Catch the breath.
Step, lift, step,
Help yourself.
Step, lift, step,
Look ahead.
Lift, lift, lift,
More to give.
Step, step, step…
No ridge left?
Time to stop,
Give it up.
Ushba say:
Go away

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