Corporate Goals


1. Reduction of workplace accidents by:

a. Risk assessment and accident prevention measures

b. OH&S awareness development and promotion

c. Prevention among workers of adverse effects on health occurred during machinery operation related to electrocution


2. Working conditions improvement by:

a. Reduction of possible exposures to hazardous substances occurring in technological processes and individual positions (e.g., implementing lead-free soldering technology, ventilation system extension, minimizing usage of hazardous substances)

b. Reduction of work arduousness (applying ergonomic principles to work stations, reducing monotony, ensuring proper air-conditioning, using spot lighting, etc.).


3. Ensuring proper use of personal protective equipment, especially for workers exposed to hazardous factors and substances.


4. Reduction of possible exposures to hazardous substances and factors including most onerous working conditions.


5. Systematic conduction of periodic OH&S inspections followed by implementation of preventing and corrective actions.


6. Continuous development of internal communication and transportation system aimed at reduction of accident risk and work arduousness.


7. Reduction of fire hazard and its possible effects by:

a. Fire Safety improvement

b. Periodic inspection of fire protection system

c. Register of people entering the company

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