10 years of experience in motor controller modules manufacturing

Technology and process capabilities

  • 8 layers (with 105um copper thickness after processing) bare PCBs the SMD TOP & Bottom assembly on reflow process
  • Automated Optical Inspection after reflow and wave soldering process
  • Wave soldering process using dedicated jigs to mask SMD components from Bottom side.
  • Power Mosfet assembly on the wave soldering process with required height using dedicated holder jigs 
  • Bootloader and test software DSP devices programming using JTAG and CAN programmer
  • Selective soldering process of PTH components from soldering side.
  • Silicon (RTV) application to secure mechanically the PTH components
  • Full Final assembly process (thermal isolation and clipping assembly process for TO-220 Mosfets, IGBT assembly process, Potting assembly process for hermetic protection PCBs)  
  • FLASH test - a high voltage electrical stress test from 50V to 5kV DC or AC voltage
  • Low and High Power Test stations from 24VDC to 90VDC and up to 1000ADC
  • Burn-in test solution.
  • Air test solution
Customer software downloading using CAN protocol.

Additional process capabilities

  • Professional Coordinate Measuring Machine on the Goods in inspection
  • MOSFETs selection into a discrete band according to Gate Threshold Voltage (Vgsth) and body diode Forward Voltage Drop (Vsd)
  • X-ray machine for soldering joints inspection
  • In-circuit Test System to check the SMD and PTH components on the PCBA
  • Conformal coating (thermal cure, UV cure)

Sample products – AC Motor Controllers

  • 12V or 24V nominal supply
  • Nominal Battery Voltage: 24VDC – 800VDC
  • Peak power output: 4kW – 300kW
  • Continuous power output: 2kW – 150kW
  • Air & water cooled

IP66 protection


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